What Is The Difference Between UberX & UberXL?

What Is The Difference Between UberX And UberXL? (Part 1)

Most people new to rideshare want to know what is the difference between UberX and UberXL. Aside from the different vehicle requirements,  there are also some distinct differences in the amount of fees which are charged for the two platforms.

What Is The Difference Between UberX and UberXL

I decided to do a 4-part series on my experiences with the 2 platforms, using my 2007 Chrysler Pacifica aka “The Golden Tank”. As far as the numbers go, you’ll see what is the difference between UberX and UberXL and why,  in my opinion, you shouldn’t abandon the UberX platform just because you have an UberXL vehicle.

Can You Really Make Money Driving For UberX?

There are strategies to help maximize your earnings by knowing when to drive on one platform or both. You should always be tweaking your strategy so that you can generate the maximum amount of cash flow in the shortest period of time.

Note: Here’s a post that breaks down the differences between all the Uber platforms but it doesn’t cover a strategy to maximize your profits.

In the video series, I demonstrate how I use Uber Boost, Quest, Surge and good old fashioned common sense to have $100 to $200 days…without driving all day.  But don’t get it twisted. Some days you may be out driving longer than expected to generate your target income.

What is your experience with driving on the UberXL platform? You’ll see that the majority of the rides in this video and the others in the series are UberX rides…

Basically money I would’ve left on the table had I been focusing on only accepting UberXL calls. And that’s my major gripe with staying on the UberXL platform only… You may be waiting for a long time before a ride to come through to you and even if you do get a ride, it might not be as lucrative as you thought it would be.

Is Waiting For An UberXL Ride Worth It?

For instance, in my experience some UberXL rides may just be short minimum fare rides…one person or a group of people who only wanted to go down the road a bit. If you waited an hour to get that ping and it paid out approximately $6.

However, if you were in an Uber Boost zone with a 1.9x rate, one or maybe 2 rides within the zone would pay out more. Everyone who drives UberXL or other higher paying platforms loves to get longer rides but there is a “cost of waiting” which should be considered.

Again, this is where having a strategy and using common sense makes a HUGE difference.

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