Uber Drivers Pay

Uber Drivers Pay: How Much I Earned Over 4 Weeks

What is a realistic Uber Drivers Pay? Just like any business where there are independent contractors and the partners get paid based on performance, there is a wide spectrum of income. There will be some drivers who are on the lower end of the spectrum while others earn a much higher than average income doing the same tasks in the same industry. And then there are those who will fall in the middle of the spectrum.

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Towards the end of Spring 2019, I recorded this video below where I show my Uber Drivers Pay and although I think I do pretty good, I’m for sure there are others who do generate much more income than I do. There are also other factors such as what type of car is used and which service level the car qualifies for.

For instance, I have drivers in my network who drive Mercedes-Benz’s, BMW’s, Volvos, Infiniti’s, mini-vans, etc. Those types of vehicles qualify for premium services like UberSELECT and UberXL. Even though I’ve driven an UberXL vehicle, the majority of my time has been spent driving in the UberX category.

Other Factors To Consider

With that being said, my Uber Drivers Pay is reflective of what is possible driving UberX. In addition to which category your car qualifies for, you should also factor in a driver’s skill level. I have personally been driving with Uber for over 5 years so my income will normally be higher than someone who’s only been driving a week.

Other factors to consider when you’re calculating your true Uber Driver Profit are expenses such as fuel costs, repairs, parts replacement, and depreciation. If you are in love with your car then this is NOT the profession for you.

In this post, I have not considered my Lyft Driver Salary. Uber is way more popular here in the Atlanta market but in some markets, Lyft is the clear winner. With that being said, 90% of my trips come from the Uber app.

One last factor I want to make sure I mention: I have not considered how much do uber drivers make part-time because at the time this video recording I was and still am currently a full-time driver.

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