Beware Of Fake Surges

Uber Drivers: Beware Of Fake Surges!

In this post we’re going to talk about something that happened recently, and you’ve probably experienced this if you’re a Uber driver. What I’m talking about are fake surges.

Yes, There Are Fake Surges!

I don’t know what was going on today, but our surge rates this morning, this is what we call Uber Monday … Big shouts to my man, Orlando, for coining that phrase … but it’s Uber Monday morning and it’s usually a lot of surge out. It’s busy, people are trying to get to the airport, people are trying to get to their jobs, people are trying to get to school, so it’s always busy on Mondays.

Some of my team members and I witnessed a phenomenon today. The surge rates were jumping up abEdited Fake Surges 2 Cityove 5.0x, and that’s a multiplier for you guys that don’t know what the surge rate is. It was so weird, because all of us were in the surge, and I’m going to put a screen shot up so you guys can see it.

I’m putting the screenshot up, just so you could see, and you will see where my little blue dot was on the GPS, and you can see that the whole City of Atlanta, and some of the outskirts, were covered in the surge area, and it was just nuts. Like I said, the multiplier was greater than 5.0x. It was nuts.

It was so funny because usually when the surge dies down, it dies down gradually. So it will go from like a 5.0x to a 4.6x, or maybe a 4.0x, or to a 3.5x, then to a 1.5x, and then eventually it’ll just go away off the screen. But what it did today was just nuts, and it just baffled my whole team.

Edited Fake Surges 1

So we’re tripping on it, but what it did was it actually went from like a 5.0x to immediately showing no surge on the screen. There was no red on the screen. You’ve probably seen the map by now. The map was just regular, and it was kind of like, “Hey, what happened?”

Here’s another Uber driver’s experience with fake surges (Beware, he used some strong language. F-bombs. He was obviously upset ;-).

So that’s one thing you have to be aware of with the fake surges, because a lot of times you’ll rush into an area when you see it surge. I’m going to talk about surge chasing on another post. Definitely check out the post about chasing the surge, I have some really good tips about that.

Should You Chase Fake Surges?

But you want to be careful on chasing the surge because you’ll end up spending some gas, time, money, whatever, chasing after the surge. And if it’s a artificial surge … I don’t know if Uber was testing something in the app. I know they’re beta testing an app right now and at the time of the Fake surge it was February 2017. You just want to make sure you’re being aware.

And don’t keep moving from place to place trying to catch it, and like I said, I’ll talk about that in the surge-chasing post, because today proved to be a bust for my whole team. We’re talking about out of everybody from like five to seven people, maybe up to 10 people on our team were experiencing this phenomenon, where none of us actually got a ride while we were in the middle of this gigantic surge. And that’s just unrealistic. It’s just ridiculous!

Watch This Video About Fake Surges

So beware of the fake surges. So if you got some value out of this, or if you’ve experienced a fake surge, let me know in the comments below.

Also, share it with your friends. You may know some people who are interested in driving for Uber and they may need these tips. I know I wish I had these tips when I first started driving for Uber and Lyft, back in the day. Now I know things like this.

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