Uber Driver Training - Spring Break And Holiday Strategies

Uber Driver Training: Spring Break And Holiday Strategies For Maximum Profit

Hey, what’s happening Rideshare warriors?  On this particular Uber Driver Training post, it’s a very special occasion so I wanted to go ahead and get it out there this week. This can serve as a guide post and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this as well for what to do when there are long holidays like this week here in Atlanta, Georgia.

(This post covers a specific strategy that will help you make money driving. For a more general Uber Driver Training guide, check out this post.)

Most of the major school systems are on spring break so that changes the dynamics of how we make money. You’ve got to think about these things in terms of strategy.

One of the ways it changes the dynamic is that there are fewer kids going to school. If they’re on spring break that means teachers are off and parents are home with their kids. What happens is when teachers are off for breaks a lot of them drive part-time.

They drive part-time for Uber and Lyft and they’re out actually making the supply of drivers greater on the road, but the demand for the drivers is less because there are fewer people going to work. Think about it like this: the demand is low but the driver supply is high and when this happens, you’ve got to shift strategies.

This Is Where Your Uber Driver Training Pays Off

Here in Atlanta we have a major airport. We have the busiest airport in the world so one of the ways to generate some steady money is to do airport calls. But what if you have a car that’s not qualified to do airport? Here in Atlanta your car has to be 2010 or newer. If you have a car that’s not qualified to do the airport, what else can you do?

Simply take regular UberX or Lyft rides with no surge throughout the day is what I would recommend. For instance, like this morning, there was hardly any surge (Click Here To Read My Post on Chasing Uber Surge Rates). If you’re looking for surge rides during a time like spring break, Christmas holidays, etc., there’s not going to be a whole lot of surge because:

  1. Kids are out of school and parents are home with them.
  2. Teachers and other school related employees are out on the road driving as well.

These events combined increase the supply of drivers and lowers the demand for rides. You’ve always got to be thinking in terms of strategy, supply and demand.

Back to the airport pickups really quick: You may not be able to pick up directly from the terminals if your vehicle doesn’t qualify BUT you can park near the airport and get pings for nearby hotels and businesses.

Also if you want to make some extra money to fill in the gaps during these times, you can drive for DoorDash or Postmates. Those are great services that will help. They are food delivery services. You can do things like that in that meantime while you’re not doing Rideshare.

So even if you have a kid like myself who is on Spring break you can fill up the time with DoorDash and/or Postmates. Now, I can’t take my kid out to do Rideshare because that’s against the policies. You can’t do Uber or Lyft with an extra person in the car who’s not  with the paying passenger, but you can do things like deliver food.

You got to be thinking strategy and thinking around your situation. Always think that. If there’s a challenge, you got to be able to think through that challenge and make sure you get what you need in terms of generating your income.  There’s always going to be the Friday night and Saturday night club crowd, but I generally try to stay away from those club nights because usually I’ve generated enough income throughout the week that I don’t have to deal with that.

I want to keep that consistent and that’s why I’m saying to you guys make sure you have some other ways to generate your income during times like Spring break and Christmas holidays or you’re going to be looking at your check and it’s going to be funny looking.

You might not make as much as you want to earn but stay consistent. Make sure you do airport area pickups, maybe food deliveries and take regular UberX and Lyft rides. During times like these when there is a huge difference in the supply and demand, you’ve got to change up your strategy to continue winning.

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