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Uber Driver Tips And Tricks – Episode 2: Switch Up Your Strategy For Success


What’s happening Rideshare Road Warriors!  Let’s talk Uber Driver Tips and Tricks! In the video below, I was actually out walking around the rideshare lot because I wanted to rest a bit more than usual.

Uber Driver Tips

I got a late start but thanks to the rideshare business, I was able to switch strategies.

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Usually, I get up about 3:30am and I’m up and I’m moving around in a city north of Atlanta called Alpharetta. I get up, go there, set my destination filter to grab somebody that’s going to the airport. Usually, I’m up there about 5:00am after I’ve done my Miracle Morning routine.

One Of My Favorite Uber Driver Tips Is To Switch Up Your Strategy

On this particular morning, however, I woke up and I turned the alarm off and I got back into bed. Not the best move when you’ve got a dedicated strategy right? What I did was just think quick because I had to act fast.

I had to change up strategies because I woke up late. What I decided to do is just come straight to the airport because I know that there’s consistent money here. Instead of me trying to run around the streets of Atlanta when there’s not a lot of high demand, I decided to come down here to the airport because this is where the money during times when rider demand is low.

This is one of my simplest Uber Driver tips!

That’s with anything you do. No matter what you’ve got going on, you’ve got to be able to switch strategies. You got to be able to think fast, act fast, especially as an entrepreneur, you got to be able to change it up.

Don’t be afraid to change up your strategy or switch up your style.  I’m still going to reach my goal today. Usually, that early morning trip I described above is my best money making ride for the day, but this particular day I had to switch up the strategy because I didn’t really oversleep. I just stayed in the bed a little while longer. ?

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