Uber Driver Tips And Tricks: Episode 1

Okay so here’s the deal…

I’m doing a 90-Day Video Blitz for my blog and Youtube channel called Uber Driver Tips And Tricks. I cannot help who I am and I am a marketer to the core. I love the game and since I drive for both Uber and Lyft, I’ve learned how to generate multiple streams of income in the rideshare game.

I will give you some Uber Driver Tips And Tricks over the next 90 days. They will mostly be in video format but I will also post the video on this blog with a bit of commentary.

I have many reasons for doing this 90-Day Video Blitz and if you stick with me, you’ll learn how to build your Uber and Lyft business online as well.

I am well versed in Internet Marketing however these videos won’t have a lot of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). They are for YOU and if the search engines pick them up, then that’s great!

But SEO is not my primary goal with this 90-Day Video Blitz, giving value is…

So without further wait, here is Uber Driver Tips And Tricks: Episode 1.


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Carlton Lewis

-Carlton Lewis

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