The ONE Thing You Need To Make Money Driving For Uber Or Lyft

The ONE Thing You Need To Make Money Driving For Uber Or Lyft

Today we’re going to talk about the number one thing that will help you make money driving while doing rideshare.

What is rideshare?

Most people have heard of companies like Uber or Lyft. Those are ride share companies.

The mindset you need to have is, “I am my own boss.” Say it with me, “I am my own boss.”

There are plenty of ways to earn money driving your car besides driving for Uber or Lyft but we’ll focus on these 2 companies for now.

It’s up to you to get out and make money driving driving for Uber or make money driving for Lyft. You have to treat it like a business. You are what is called an “Independent Contractor.”

If you don’t know what that is, then you need to look it up. This means you have a contract with these companies to perform a certain duty, then you get paid to perform that duty. You get paid a commission.

You’re not an employee so you must have a new mindset. You have to start thinking like a business owner. That’s the number one mindset you gotta have.

What Else Do You Need To Make Money Driving?

Now, to piggyback with that, you’ve got to have a winning mindset.

What do I mean by a winning mindset?

This means you have to get up every morning with the mindset of, “There is someone out there… there are people out there that need my service.” This is a service business. There are people out there that need your service, and you have to be conscious of that.

You can’t get up with a mindset of, “Oh, here we go again. I gotta get up and drive these people. I’m tired of these people requesting rides. Why are these people calling me on the app? I’m sick of this, I’m tired of that. I hate driving people around.”

You’ve got to have a mindset of, “Today I’m going to be successful,” number one. Then, “I’m going to be profitable doing this business. There is somebody that’s looking for me. I’m only looking for the people that are looking for me.” That’s the way you need to think.

Before you even turn your car on, you need to get your mindset in a winning mindset. Really, before you even leave the house, you need to get your mindset in a winning mindset!

If you got some value out of this post, and you are already not an Uber or a Lyft driver, click on one of the links below and that will take you to a signup page where you can go ahead and become an independent contractor.

Click Here To Start Driving For Uber

Click Here To Start Driving For Lyft

You can start being your own boss.

We’re going to have a whole bunch of topics and we’re going to have a good time doing this blog! This is the first post about where we talk about how to make money driving, but definitely not the last.

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