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New Uber Surge Pricing Rates and Earning With Cargo

In my commitment to bring you more valuable content on this blog (plus I’m paying for hosting every month), I want to share with you this video I did a while ago about the new Uber Surge pricing rate structure as well as a way to generate some additional income with Cargo.

I found out about Cargo from one of my friends who also drives rideshare and once she showed me how easy it was I was hooked! 

Here is the updated video I did about Cargo: 

Surge Price Complaints

Now let’s talk a bit about the new Uber Surge pricing rates. At the time of this post, the new rate structure has been around for almost 6 months. I’m still a big fan of the old way which was based on a multiplier, not a set fee. 

New Uber Surge Pricing
Here’s a screenshot of the new Uber Surge pricing at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

With this new set fee structure, drivers really don’t know how much we’re getting paid. 

For example, I once took a trip which had an initial Surge rate of approximately +$11.00. The trip ends up being a long ride to Unadilla, GA. The final Surge was approximately $79.00. Great for me but there was no way of knowing this upfront. 

With the old Uber Surge pricing rates, I could start the trip, look at the mileage shown on the GPS and then calculate how much my fare was going to be BEFORE I even moved the car! 

Surge Price Explained

The company has some basic information on Uber Surge pricing on their website. You can read it here. Simply put for those who don’t understand, the Uber Surge is based on the economic concept of supply and demand. When the demand for trips is high and the supply of drivers is low, then the rates are higher because of scarcity. 

In the old structure, there was no set fee predetermined by Uber. It was purely based on supply and demand…and it worked. 

Can you still make some profit with the new Uber Surge Pricing? Yes, but you need to really understand your market and have a strategy for winning. 

If you need help with a strategy, check out my course “Total Rideshare Mastery” by clicking here

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