Make Money Driving By Networking With Other Uber Drivers

Make More Money Driving By Networking With Other Uber Drivers

Today, I am going to share with you, my fellow Uber Drivers, one of my secret weapons. I call this my birthday present because I found out about this … Well, I didn’t find out about it the day of my birthday but the day after my birthday.

It has made a dramatic difference in my income, and that secret weapon is networking with other Uber Drivers.

I’m going to give you two really, really, really good jewels here to increase your Uber driver earnings. Now what you do with these jewels, it’s totally up to you.

The First Key Resource For Networking With Other Uber Drivers

The first resource jewel (and I knew about this one before my birthday) is a Facebook group dedicated to rideshare drivers who make money driving for Uber and/or Lyft. Whatever city you drive in, look for local Facebook groups in your area.

Uber Drivers Facebook Group
Find A Rideshare Facebook Group Or Start Your Own!

You can get some really good tips from some of these Facebook groups. You’ll get some what-to-do’s, and what-not-to-do’s, plus some funny stories. We have a really interesting group here in Atlanta. It’s pretty big…and entertaining!

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The Second Key Resource For Networking With Other Uber Drivers

One of the guys in the group, big shout out to my buddy Mikchek, (he knows who he is). Mikchek, who is a friend of mine from my days in the music business, was in our local Uber/Lyft Facebook group and he turned me on to a smaller group of really positive Uber Drivers and an app called Zello.

Now, I had never heard of this wonderful app. I had been driving for two years and still hadn’t heard of anything like this. As a matter of fact, the Uber/Lyft Facebook group, and I don’t know why I didn’t think of this because I’ve created several Facebook groups, was new to me as well.

He introduced me to this Zello group, and big shouts out to my Mo Money Team family members out there! Whoop! Whoop!

This team of Uber Drivers (Many of us drive for Lyft too) actually helps me make more money driving by giving me all kinds of money-making tips. Sometimes the info may have been what seems like everybody should know, but they don’t know. Some of the things I’ve covered in my other videos but I can’t say enough about networking, networking, networking.

If you get into one of these groups, don’t just get into the group and just become an ear hustler only to soak up all the knowledge. Be a person that’s going to give back some value.

The Zello app is a real-time communication app, and it is really simple and easy to use. You can do a search and find a Zello group for your area.

If you’re out there driving, you’ve got a team of eyeballs on the streets so you know what’s going on in a particular area where you are.

Sharing Is Caring!

You can talk to other people in you network and say, “Well, look, here there’s traffic here.” In Atlanta, we have what’s called the Downtown Connector. That’s where Interstate 75 and Interstate 85 connect. We can say via Zello, “There’s traffic going northbound on the Downtown Connector. You want to avoid this area,” or, “There’s an accident on Highway 166, Langford Parkway, avoid that area,” or, “It’s surging over here in Sandy Springs,” or, “It’s surging in Dunwoody. It’s surging, uh, in Smyrna.”

You can share this information with the members of your Zello channel, and it will help make everyone money because everybody’s sharing good critical information.

It gets to the point where your team members become like your family because you spend so much time with them if you’re serious about driving. We’re spending time in the car. You’re not just in the car technically by yourself because there’s some other voice out there.

I sincerely appreciate our crew, The Mo Money team (Thanks First Lady Monique!). They’ve definitely helped me increase my income and help me make a lot of common sense moves as far as this rideshare game is concerned.

Here’s a Video On The Power of Networking With Other Uber Drivers

If you’re interested in driving for Uber or Lyft, click on the link below and you’ll be taken to a sign-up form. Most of the time, there’s a bonus for signing up as a driver so you want to take advantage of it ASAP.

The bonuses vary at different times throughout the year. It varies through different promotions, as well. The time might be now for you so go ahead and do it if you haven’t already done it.

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If there is not a Facebook group or Zello group in your area, then start your own. The benefits will be immeasurable!

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