Make Money Driving Using Square Credit Card Reader

Make Money Driving Using Square Credit Card Reader

In this post I just want to give you another option for taking payment outside of doing rides on your app. It is using Square credit card reader. I just got mine in the mail the other day.

How much does the Square cost?

Actually it’s free. You just set up your account. There’s a link at the bottom of this post that’ll show you how to set the account up. Just click on that link and go right through those steps.

How To Use Square Register?

Now, why is this thing so important? This allows you to process credit cards. Remember a couple of posts ago I told you about thinking different, having the mindset of a business owner and as you are a driver, this rideshare business is YOUR business.

This means you have to get out and drive, but there will be times when, let’s say you’re driving for Uber and the rider wants to leave you a tip but has no cash.  It’s not that Uber doesn’t allow tips. They don’t promote tips and they don’t have a way for you to get paid tips inside of the app.

Guess what? Using Square credit card reader you can collect your tip simply by attaching the reader to your cell phone.

There’d be other times where you just may meet somebody randomly and they may want you to do a ride for them. You can charge them for the ride. They may not have cash, but using Square credit card reader, they can pay you for the ride.

Click here for some detailed steps on how to use Square register.

How Does Square Deposit Money?

Also, a lot of us have other businesses outside of rideshare.  For me, I’m in the health and wellness business and let’s say I have a product that I want to sell. If a person says, “Well, I don’t have any cash,” then guess what? Using Square credit card reader I can swipe their card and it goes right to my account.

I think it takes a day, maybe up to 24 hours to process, but that’s money that you wouldn’t normally have otherwise, unless you were using Square credit card reader or a similar device. There is a fee for same day deposit into your bank account.

Once again this is a great, great, great way to accept payments for your business whether it be tips, personal rides, or even if you’re doing something outside of rideshare and you want to collect money from selling a product or service. Use this Square reader.

Click Here To Started Using Square Reader!

Using Square Credit Card Reader for FREE!

If you partner with Square using the link above you’ll get 180 days worth of processing fees FREE! That may change. That’s not written in stone. Think about it. Processing fees add up. If you can get some of those processing fees free, it’s like giving yourself a raise!

Go ahead and get yourself one of these things so you can be more of a professional out there when you’re driving. This is a business and you must treat it like a business. If you treat it like a business, it’s going to pay you like a business. If you treat it like a hobby, it’s going to pay you like a hobby.

For more on this mindset of treating rideshare like a business, Click Here! 

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