How To Make Money Driving As An Uber Driver Using Boost

How To Make Money Driving During Uber Boost

How To Make Money Driving During Uber Boost
Uber Boost Overlay On App Map

In this post, I wanted to talk to you guys about Uber Boost.  If you want to make money driving, you should take advantage of Boost. Sometimes Uber will artificially create what’s called a surge. If you’ve seen some of my other videos, we talk about surge.

How To Win With Uber Boost

If you don’t know what surging is, it is when there’s a high demand for rides in an area where there is a low supply of drivers. What happens is there’s a multiplier shown on the Uber map. The multiplier may be 1.5 times the normal rate or it could be 3.0 times the normal rate. I’ve even seen it up as high as 7. In some places, I’ve heard about it being 10 times the normal rate!

How Does Uber Boost Work

When there is an Uber Boost, Uber randomly selects drivers to participate.  They may offer a little Boost. It maybe 1.5 times the normal rate. The customer pays their normal rate, but Uber will pay you based on the boosted rate.

Winning During Uber Boost Promotion

Example of Uber Boost
Example of Uber Boost

Uber is actually absorbing the cost of the increased rate in order to get drivers in this area to drive because they know it’s a hot area and it’s a hot time for people to drive. The company invites certain drivers to this area via the app.

If you ever get any Uber Boost, take advantage of them. It’s extra money in your pocket. You can make more money in less time!

Here’s another good article about Uber Boosts.

Lyft has something similar.  It’s called Guaranteed Prime Time. Those are really not as prevalent as Boosts. Then, too, here in Atlanta now at the time of this post, Uber has the lion’s share of the market so the demand is higher.  Get into those Uber Boost areas once you get invited to earn more money in less time. Take advantage of these time periods.  The Boost will show up on your map similar to the image above.

You drive into that outlined area and you qualify for the Boost if you get a ping from that area. You’ll see the multiplier during the time you’re being hailed for a ride.

I hope you got value from this post. If you’re interested in driving for Uber or Lyft, check out the links below. Go ahead and get signed up then get out here and start driving to earn some money!

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