Total Rideshare Mastery

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How An Overworked Uber Driver Discovered The Insider Secrets To Earn $700 – $1000+ Per Week And How You Can Steal His Step By Step System To Earn More And Drive Less Even If You Can’t Tie Your Shoes Guaranteed!

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Dear Rideshare Driver Friend,

 If you’re sick and tired of, doing what they say, wasting money on trips that don’t pay crap, dealing with low rated passengers and spending your hard earned money to do it, if you knew in your heart that there was a better way to do this Uber and Lyft thing, but you didn’t know how exactly to do it, then this is the most important report you will ever read in your entire life.

 My name is Carlton Lewis and I’m a rideshare business owner. I have over 20+ plus years in the transportation industry which means I know how to get around the city of Atlanta. I’ve have been an Uber driver for over 5 years and with Lyft for over 3 years. Between the two apps I have over 10,000 rides and a 5-Star driver rating on BOTH.

I have experienced what works and what doesn’t.

What makes me a little different is I love marketing so after a friend told me to watch a few videos on rideshare I created my own YouTube channel and blog at

Between the two major rideshare apps, I have earned consistently between $700 to $1,000 per week and even more depending on what’s going on in my city. I believe I can help anyone who is new to the rideshare game earn a full time income.

But It Didn’t Start Out This Way . . .


I was working a job as a tow truck dispatcher where I put in a lot of hours. I’m talking about 60 hours per week with very little flexibility. I remember missing many family reunions because either I really needed to work during those times to pay my bills or no one else could cover my shift. It was very frustrating…

Then in 2014 one of my coworkers told me about Uber and how much money her brother was making and I knew I had found my answer. I did all my preliminary research on the company, put in my two-week notice and dived right in head first.


I thought all I had to do was just turn on the app and drive and the money would fall out of the sky right into my bank account. I was wrong. I got started on one of the slower days of the week (Tuesday) and I didn’t realize I was in one of the worse areas of town to get trips. I could never figure out how to make it work and after 6 months….

I fell flat on my face!

I had no idea of what the market wanted or even where the market was. I ended up back at my job. Luckily my previous employer made space for me. I took a cut in pay and didn’t do rideshare again until a year later…

I had tasted freedom so it was hard for me to be content even though I had a steady paycheck. It was painful knowing that I had to be confined for hours in an environment with no windows for hours at a time.

I knew I could do better on my own. I had been self-reliant before and couldn’t stand being told when and where to be, how long I could go on a break, how long I could take a vacation, etc. You know the typical job stuff with no upward mobility. The last straw was when we had to sign waivers which allowed video, Internet and phone surveillance. I felt like I was walking into a prison everyday…

So I applied for Lyft and reactivated my Uber account. I began driving part-time (like I probably should have done on my first go around) and I really enjoyed the extra income. I joined our local Facebook group for drivers and eventually I began earning more on a part-time basis than I was earning at my full-time job.

After doing this several times I decided to give it another go at being a full-time driver. It was scary but I knew I couldn’t go any higher at my job and I absolutely hated waking up to go there.

After networking with some other drivers I created my own system but I’ll tell you about that a little later. Just turning the app on and driving without a purpose is some of the worst advice these companies can give out to drivers.

The Truth About Why What They Say Only Leaves You With A Big Whole In Your Bank Account And Nothing To Show For It . . .


I told you before that I wasn’t so successful my first go around. Let’s me reveal to details of why what they say doesn’t work for you and why if you follow their advice you’ll end up like the other 95% of all Uber and Lyft drivers, a failure.

They Told Me To Turn My App On And Drive

Have you ever heard that one before? Let me tell you what happened to me when they told me to do that. Like I said before when I started there were some incentives where I lived but not many. Uber would send out a text with some bonuses and some popular areas to drive and some large events.

The problem with this was although I knew about the events, so did all the other drivers in my city.

They Told Me What Surge Pricing Was But Didn’t Tell Me How To Take Advantage Of It

Surge rates! Sounds good but how do you know when this is going to happen. It wasn’t until I started networking with other drivers that I figured out two major concepts that made all the difference in making a steady income. I remember going out on a Tuesday at 6 am and not getting a ride for hours because I didn’t know WHERE to drive. Now I know 6 am is a great time to get a surge ride… if you’re in the right area.

They Never Told Me When The Best Times To Drive Were

The flip side of knowing where to drive is knowing when to drive. After sitting around in the wrong area for a few hours waiting on a ride I would go downtown between 9 am to 10 am Monday thru Friday. Again, I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t making any money and it was because the money was all gone by this time of day. I would wait for hours long after the rush of trip requests had died down. The sad thing is I never knew there was a peak time to get requests.

They Told Me “A Ride Is A Ride”

Beware of what they say. The numbers just don’t add up. Pool trip service wasn’t available when I first started but when I got reactivated I got a rude awakening. How does doing more work and earning LESS money seem like a good deal? I once picked up an Uber employee doing an “undercover” ride and I grilled him hard about pool rides. No independent contractor who was actually trying to make a profit would’ve come up with that service. But there is a rare time when it makes sense to take a pool trip.

Having Candy & Water Helps You Earn More Money

Nah, not at all. Things like candy and water are overhead expenses. While they are nice gestures, they are not required and its very rare you’ll be given a 5-Star rating or a tip based on these things alone.

They Told Me I Had Value In Their Company

Nope! Wrong again! When you sign up to drive with Uber, Lyft or some other rideshare company, you are an independent contractor. That may change in the future but for now, you are responsible for you and you are responsible for how much income you do or don’t generate.

I remember one of my rideshare buddies saying to me once when Uber was trying out a new system at the new SunTrust Park stadium. It was following the direction of the company and getting frustrated because what they told us to do wasn’t working. My buddy told me, “hey Carlton, you’re an independent contractor, you don’t have to do it exactly like they’re saying to do it. Figure out a way to make it work”.

See these companies don’t really care if YOU make money or not. They make so much money on volume and the small percentage they take from you for using the app gets added to a large pot filled with all those small percentages from thousands of other drivers. You have to take responsibility for your business. These companies will take responsibilities for themselves and you should too!

The Insider Secrets To Making $700 To $1,000 Per Week And MORE In Rideshare That They Never Told Me, But I’m Going To Tell You

Now it’s time to hit pay dirt, let me talk to you in depth about a few concepts that I was never taught by these companies, but learned in the school of hard knocks. Embracing these principles and making them the core of my business has without a doubt the key to my personal success.

What you are about to read is the most important information you will ever lay your eyes on about rideshare. If you’re not in a quiet place, go to one now. Sit down pull out your highlighter because your business is about to change in a very positive way!

If You Don’t Have Control You Don’t Have A Business

Do you know what I learned? Blindly turning my apps on and hoping to get a ride was the worst thing that I ever could have done for my business. Why? Because you aren’t driving with a purpose. You hand over control to someone else.

The second you do that your business is standing on shaky grounds. Why? Because you’re hoping to get a ride instead of being where the rides will come easily. If you want to earn more and drive less then you must drive with a purpose. You want to earn the most amount of money for the time you spend behind the steering wheel. Your time is valuable. Use it wisely.

Earning Money With Rideshare Is Not Hard If You Actually Have A System

If you learn nothing else from this report, you must understand that businesses are run by systems and people run those systems. If you’ve ever worked for a successful company, then you were a part of their system.

The company I work for before I went full time had a system and I was a part of making it work. The system needs to be able to have measurable results. My Total Rideshare Mastery system will help you get those results.

If You Focus On This One Thing There Is No Way Your Business Can’t Grow And It’s Called . . . Multiple Streams Of Income

 One day I watched a video on really building a rideshare business. My eyes were totally opened! I had seen the light! There were other ways to earn income and they had nothing to do with me physically driving my car. There were drivers who were earning multiple streams of income who had really turned rideshare into a real business. Imagine a store like Walmart.

Do they sell just one type of item? No, they don’t. They sell all types of items and services. Think like Walmart.

When You Start Thinking Like A Business Owner Things Get Much Easier

Why do so many Uber and Lyft drivers focus on one thing and one thing alone? It really doesn’t make any sense at all to me. Well, I guess when it comes down to it I do know that so many drivers have this one focus. It’s because that’s all that they are taught.

Building a business around rideshare where you are earning more and driving less is a reality. As a matter of fact, the top rideshare driver/business owners rarely turn on their apps to drive. I cover this and more in my Total Rideshare Mastery course.

How Can You Start Earning More And Driving Less?

If you’ve read this far, by now you’ve figured out there is a way to earn a full-time income driving for Uber and Lyft. You also know there are plenty of mistakes to be made and you don’t want to spend 3 years to figure them out. I wish there was some way I could’ve known all the tips and tricks I’ve learned to put me on the fast track to success.

You don’t want to spend hours watching YouTube videos when you can get all the right information in one place.

I’ve spent countless hours gathering this knowledge, testing it out, and creating a system that anyone can use.

There are other courses which sell for $149 and there are some people who offer a one-time coaching fee of $200.

Well not only is my Total Rideshare Mastery course less, but it also comes in an audio form where you can listen to it over and over in your car or on your phone or computer.

 There Are 6 Modules Jam Packed With Profitable Rideshare Tips

In Module 1, you learn why you should listen to me and what you can expect to gain by the end of the course.

Module 2 helps you Get Started with rideshare the right way. There are even some good tips for veteran drivers as well.

Module 3  gives you the Basic Ways to Earn Money. Simple things to help you earn a full-time income.

Module 4 is where I pull back the curtains and give you my Advanced Driving Strategies

Module 5 dives into Additional Streams of Income. This is where you start to think outside of the box and think like a real business owner.

Module 6 is where I reveal what has been My Secret Weapon: Networking. It also covers Continuing Education and Your Exit Strategy

For all of this, you don’t pay $150 or $200… You only pay $9.95!

Let me ask you a question,


If all this did was help you earn an extra $100 to $200 per week, would it be worth the price of this course?

If all this did was teach you how to spend more quality time with your family instead of spending countless hours in the streets, would it be worth it?

Here’s my Bulletproof Guarantee:


If you are unsatisfied for any reason within 60 days, I’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.

As an extra bonus, I’ll give the first 20 buyers a 20-minute coaching call (A $20 Value).

I’m not sure how long I’ll keep the price this low. It’s an insanely low price for the value you’re getting.

As a matter of fact, I’m not even sure I want this information out in the hands of too many drivers.

This knowledge took years to compile and if everybody had it then it wouldn’t be for much value now would it?

So act now!


You have what it takes so get Total Rideshare Mastery and your bonus coaching session ASAP…

Before all the spots are gone and I take it off the market!