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I love impacting the lives of other people in a positive way. It could be Internet Marketing, Online Networking, Real Estate, and yes, even Rideshare. :-)

Uber IPO Is Over – 5 Biggest Challenges Uber Faces Going Forward

Today we are going to talk about the Uber IPO (Initial Public Offering) and the 5 biggest challenges Uber faces as it moves forward as a company.

It’s been over a month since Uber went public. I read this article in the San Francisco Chronicle by Carolyn Said. She had some very, very valid points about Uber going public. So, what now? What happens with Uber now that the company is public? The Uber IPO price drop certainly reflected how investors felt.

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New Uber Surge Pricing Rates and Earning With Cargo

In my commitment to bring you more valuable content on this blog (plus I’m paying for hosting every month), I want to share with you this video I did a while ago about the new Uber Surge pricing rate structure as well as a way to generate some additional income with Cargo.

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OMG! It’s Been Over A Year Since My Last Post…

So here’s the deal…It’s ironic that my last post was on January 1, 2018…

I was actually in Biloxi, MS with my girlfriend who had been hospitalized for a little over a week…

I did a few rideshare videos while I was down there but I rarely recorded any once I got back to Georgia because I put family as a higher priority.

Fast forward to May 2019 and here we are!

I never stopped driving rideshare but my focus was to get my family stable…

Here’s what prompted me to get started again with building more content for this blog: Y-O-U!

A few weeks ago I was switching back and forth between my YouTube accounts and I noticed my subscriber count had gone up sharply on my channel…

I wanted to know why the spike happened and I discovered one of my videos from three (3) months earlier had gone viral!

There were a couple of hundred comments as well as over 14,000 views. I continued to keep my eye on this video and it kept getting more and more views, comments, and subscribers.

This is what I had imagined when I first started the channel but due to external (as well as internal) circumstances, I simply didn’t build the channel nor this blog to its full potential.

So moving forward, I will continue to update this blog and my YouTube channel with consistency. There are some critical things I will need to add here like a way to subscribe to my newsletter but those things are easy…They just need to be done.

Here’s to earning more and driving less!

Have a great day!CarltonP.S. At the time of this writing that viral video is at approximately 75,000+ views and my channel has close to 1,000 subscribers which is enough to become a YouTube Partner (another stream of income).

Happy New Year Uber Drivers – January 1, 2018

Happy New Year my fellow Uber Drivers and Lyft Drivers!

In this post I’m not going to do a lot of written text because I’m on a mission today but this video is about how you can really crush it in 2018.

Ask yourself, “Who do I need to be in 2018 in order to ______________?” You’re mind will give you the answer to the question and from there you must begin to take consistent action based on who YOU want to be.

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